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The Readers of Tomorrow

Sending your novel out to agents can be a scary endeavor. Within the nature of the publishing industry there are bound to be rejections, and with each one it may feel like a hit to your self esteem. You shouldn’t give up though! 

What We're About

The Readers of Tomorrow is an initiative by The Authors of Tomorrow that allows authors to gain a confidence boost before sending out their work to publishers. After sending in a finished manuscript, authors will have their work read by positivity readers and be given a list of great things they did when writing. This list can act as a steady support as the author undergoes the highs and lows of querying, or it could be used as a list of things to potentially include in query letters. 

How it Works

If you wish to submit a manuscript, send an email to including:

  • Name of manuscript

  • A brief summary

  • Word count

  • If there is any trigger warnings/sensitive content

  • Whether there is any sexual/mature content

A group of positivity readers will be assigned to your manuscript

The positivity readers will provide a list of feedback that will be sent back to you


Manuscripts will be accepted from December 17 to Decemeber 31.

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