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Query Dojo

This is an upcoming initiative by The Authors of Tomorrow, which allows young authors to submit their query letters to mock agents, for practice querying. Our practice agents will provide a wish-list of things they are looking for, so authors can figure out who is best to submit to!

Query Dojo is coming on January 7. Check out our agents today!

Further Information

The Query Dojo Process

  • Authors must read through our practice agent's wish-lists, and submit to the 1-3 agents that fit their query.

  • Agents will read them, and either "accept" or "reject" authors, based on their personal preference.

  • Agents will provide feedback on both the query letters, and the sample pages.

Keep in mind: This is NOT a real agency, so you will not receive any form of representation or mentorship if "accepted". This is purely practice for the actual querying process.

When Will it Launch?

The Authors of Tomorrow's first Query Dojo event will be on January 7, 2022. Agent submissions go live at 9:00 am EST, and will close at 9:00 pm EST that same day. There will be a section on this website to query our practice agents!

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