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Coach Hunt




(Closed). Helping writers find free coaches!

Coach Hunt

Note: This event is over, but keep your eyes peeled! Coach Hunt will come back with a few changes! :)

What is it?

Coach Hunt is a program aimed at helping writers (especially young ones) find free writing coaches. Our volunteer coaches range from published Fantasy authors to literary agents to students in university studying literature. 

How do I Get a Coach?

Participants will offer a pitch of their WIP. A pitch is a short introduction to what your story is about, and is often used in query letters. For our purposes, a pitch should be less than 280 characters, and it should give an idea about what the story is about without giving away any spoilers.

What Then?

Coaches will send a second follow up form. This does not guarantee you a coach! However, after the acceptance deadline, they'll reach out to you again if they'd like to accept you!

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Coach Hunt

(Closed). Helping writers find free coaches!

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