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In the publishing world, several writers go overlooked. Regardless of their experience, talent, or ambition, aspiring authors find it difficult to be taken seriously by industry professionals.

Our Mission


Our Mission

Our mission is to help upcoming authors take their skills, the novel(s) under their belt, and transform them into a tangible career. We want to give them the resources to break into the publishing world: Knowledge of marketing, promoting yourself, establishing connections, and turning a novel into a successful query. Above all, we want to set our authors up for success by giving them the confidence to know they deserve it.


Our Vision

We envision a publishing industry that takes authors between 15-25 seriously. One where it is experience, and not years on this Earth, that speak for an author. We want to see aspiring authors have the resources to create a publishing plan, and the confidence to see it through. Our mission will be achieved when the publishing industry offers equal opportunity, and values skill over age.


Our Values

We put publishing opportunities first, and work in interest of aspiring authors. We strive to engage authors with honesty and with good intentions. One of our core values is remaining accessible and open to all.


Our Goals

UPLIFT authors. Promote the voices of aspiring authors that the world often overlooks.

EMPOWER and encourage authors. Confidence is the key to success, and we want authors to have the ambition that sets them up for success in the future

FOSTER and provide opportunities to writers. We strive to deliver education and resources to authors, as well as opportunities to share their work to set them in the best position heading into the publishing industry.

Our History

Get to Know Us

We were founded in August of 2021 by young writer Aleena Rose under the name The Dead Writer Society.

Our staple event was #CoachHunt, hosted every 3 months on Twitter where young writers could pitch their story ideas to get practice for larger industry pitching events and potentially score a coach!

Since then, we've grown to include many more services designed to aid and empower writers on their journey. We rebranded to The Authors of Tomorrow as well to better communicate what we're all about: you! The aspiring authors.

As we continue to grow, our mission will hold firm: To uplift and empower writers hoping to break into the publishing industry.

The only cost for our community? Their eagerness and drive to rise up as the authors of tomorrow.

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